The Resurgence of RC Scale Vehicle Building

It always amaze me, the creativity and ingenuity displayed by RC vehicle enthusiast. There abilities, to say the less, often border on sheer genius. What they are able to create with the rc kits which are available and often quite a bit of personal customization is unbelievable. Well, maybe unbelievable is the wrong word, because you can actually see and touch these marvelous creation of theirs, so maybe the correct descriptive term should be “incredible.” Case in point, RC scale vehicles. Now RC scale vehicles are nothing new, but compared to what use to be created in the past, they are now at a new level unseen before today. It is quite obvious we are entering a new stage of RC scale creations. It is no doubt that we are standing before a new threshold and are about to witness revolutionary fresh developments arriving soon.

The advent of rock crawling and the Internet are possibly the two biggest reason for this resurged interest in the building of scale vehicles. In the beginning, when rock crawling first begin to explode, there were not any body and chassis kits available, so energetic rock crawling enthusiast were forced to build their own rigs out of the different parts and pieces that were available. Out of the box thinking and extraordinary abilities ensued and the creative side of scale vehicle building was reinvigorated. The one-up-manship part of creativity, gave those Rc’ers the incentive to strive to outdo each other, by building the slickest, coolest looking, most functional scale vehicles, and at the same time, it inspired those looking over their shoulders, via the Internet and such publications as Radio Control Car Action to follow suit.

Unfortunately, we all do not possess the ability or creativity to follow in the footsteps of these RC scale vehicle creative geniuses, but that does not mean you can not participate and be a part of the new resurgence in RC scale enthusiasm. You may not have the ability to make your own scale vehicle from scratch, but now, thanks to many of the leading RC buggy and truggy manufacturers, you can still create an impressive scale vehicle of your own. You can easily get started by purchasing any one of a number of the different tricked out vehicle kits and parts which you assemble and make into your own unique scale creation. Tamiya, Axial, Pro-Line and RC4WD are a few of the RC car manufacturing companies who make this possible.

I am one of those who lack the creativity and the time to build a scale vehicle from scratch, but that does not hamper my inspiration to get involved. Just like the rest of you guys and girls, I want to build my own RC scale vehicle and I want it to stand out from the rest. I still remember some of those old tricks from my plastic model building days. I am sure some of them still apply, so I too will be headed over to my favorite online hobby website and order my tricked out kit and parts. Next I will begin construction of my super-duper, snazzy looking, kick-ass flexible, powerful RC scale vehicle. Who knows, that may be me standing next to you at the podium at the next meet. Stranger things have happened.

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