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King Jika Jika

A founder member of the Glorieuse Island branch of the league of Empire loyalists - King Jika Jika always remained unimpressed with Italian attempts to introduce pasta to North East African cuisine. At the age of thirty he set sail in search of decadence beyond the horizon. Together with his interpreter Venus Stevens they visited King Mutsukito of Japan, Viceroy Li of China the King of Siam, Pope Leo XIII and Haile Selassie at his place of exile in Bath, England.

After a full ten years of exploration the King declared that he had enough experience of dull table companions and bad coffee and they set sail for home.

Very little accurate information exists about King Jika Jika. Some say that he was secretly "Her Majesties observer of Paranormal activities" but he is better known for being a coffee planter, amateur ethnologist, entomologist, absinthe distiller, photographer, treasure hunter, and renowned barista.

Jika Jika Coffee House & Canteen in pays homage to his legacy and all that he discovered on his travels.

Click here to read King Jika Jika's full story….


Jika Jika serving the best coffee in Bath.
Tel: 01225 429 903 : 4a Princes Buildings, George Street, Bath, BA1 2ED
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