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Just as we’re passionate about our coffee, so too are we keen to share with you some amazing fresh loose leaf tea that we’ve discovered.

SUKI (meaning “Tea Master” in Japanese)… are a cool little tea company from Ireland that have knowledge and love for tea like no other we’ve come across!

Their vast range of traditional and unusual teas is offered to you here in Jika Jika to drink or take away and we think their some of the most amazing teas you’ll ever try.

Loose leaf tea is enjoying a bit of resurgence at the moment and we were keen to serve a tea that was worth that of a good latte. Just as coffee is a ritual to be savored, so too should tea… so we’ll serve you any one of the following blends in a lovely pot for one on a delightful bamboo tray to create a truly unique tea drinking experienced. And because we’re nice people here at Jika Jika and want you to get the most out of your tea pot – we’ll even offer you free hot water refills to milk every last drop of flavor from your leaves!

And for those of you in a rush to work, we can also make up our own tea bags to go using SUKI’s little “tea pockets” for that Tea Pot experience in a take-away cup… Brilliant!


Fair-trade Breakfast Tea
A Traditional Breakfast Tea made from a blend of African and Indian single estate teas. Lighter than Belfast Brew, it is best consumed sweetened with a dash of milk. Fair-trade certified

Fair-trade Belfast Brew
Rich, smooth blend dominated by maltiness and rich in tannins. This is a deep, dark infusion which is highly spicy and malty. Fair-trade certified

Fair-trade Earl Grey Blue Flower
Premium black leaf tea with natural bergamot oil and vibrant blue cornflowers. Fair-trade certified and Organic.

Whole peppermint leaves create an incredibly fresh, purifying cup.

Red Berry
Winner of a Gold Great Taste Award - bursting with fresh berry taste!

Green Rooibos Citrus

Another winner of a 2007 Gold Great Taste Award. With even higher levels on antioxidants than red rooibos. Caffeine Free. Organic.

Green Tea with Ginseng
Japanese green Sencha tea with ginseng, ginger and pineapple. A true feel good tea.

Fair-trade Darjeeling
A perfect afternoon cuppa. Fair-trade certified

Green Tea Wild Grey
An exquisite Sencha leaf delicately flavored with natural bergamot and lemon pieces. Organic.

A pure infusion made from whole dried flowers from the chamomile plant. Organic.

A naturally caffeine free Rooibos full of antioxidants. A fresh, fruity & woody flavor. Organic.

Apple Loves Mint
The warmth of apple and the freshness of mint finished off with stunning whole baby rose buds.

Mango Tango

A premium black tea flavored with mango pieces and finished with sunflower blossom.

Spiced Citrus

Black tea with apple, orange, coriander, coves and cardamom.

White Tea Mao Fang

Selected for its purity and health enhancing qualities. Crisp and clean.

A jade cup with a naturally sweet and aromatic flavor. A perfect after dinner tea.



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