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Coffee is a fruit… and a very valuable one too. Infact, It is now the second most traded commodity in the world, behind oil!

The beans we drink are the roasted & ground up seeds of a fruit that we generally tend not to eat, and like any raw ingredient – coffee beans are volatile and subject to huge variances depending on seasonal growing conditions, altitude, temperature, picking, processing, roasting etc. The variety of flavors available easily equals the variety that exists in wine… and that’s what we find exciting here at Jika Jika Coffee House & Canteen.

The processes involved in ensuring you get to drink a perfect coffee every time start many months, even years prior to drinking – and we take a great deal of pride in trying to deliver a cup that does the farmer, the roaster, the barista and you – the customer, justice.

We have created a blend of espresso coffee with our roasters that we think will be among the finest you’ve ever drunk. We are proudly passionate coffee geeks and we hope that you will come to love coffee in the same way we do. It’s why we’re here after all.


We feature a range of filter coffees that are all brewed through the 'Aeropress' - a super convenient, easily used brew system that we also sell behind the counter. We choose Single estate and co-operative coffees from around the world that offer a huge diversity of flavour profiles and sensations - from a nutty, chocolatey Brazilian Capim Branco to a zesty, citrussy Kenyan Gethumbwini AA. It's all about what you get to taste from day to day - and discover the true diversity of the coffee world!

The Original and still the best! A single shot of our perfectly extracted, BRAND NEW espresso blend; 50% Brazilian Santa Alina, 40% Sumatran Takengon Aceh and 10% Columbian Edgar Salas. Exclusive to Jika-Jika, roasted by hand and brewed to perfection on our lovely Astoria machine. This particular blend is wonderfully rich and full bodied; a medium espresso roast with lots of chocolate, cherries and a malteser sweetness to finish. When combined with milk it tastes like a cup of dark chocolate maltesers - a real winter warmer!

The full monty, a double shot of our own espresso

Definitely not for the faint-hearted! This is a double ristretto brewed through a special 'naked' portafilter so nothing escapes the cup below! Short and to the point, just ask the Barista for a demonstration!

A double shot of espresso extracted over hot water… often called the “Americano”.


Literally translating from Italian, Macchiato means “marked”. A single shot of espresso “marked” with a tiny amount of foamed milk.

A double shot of espresso, over just a little water, marked with a tiny amount of foamed milk

Very antipodean this one… but a beautiful alternative for those that don’t like to drown their coffee in milk. A double Ristretto, producing a slightly stronger taste. served in a cup with just a little foam.

A single shot of espresso topped with a rich creamy milk and just a little foam with the barista’s own artistic flair!

A single shot of espresso topped with equal parts of milk and foam. Served the traditional way – without chocolate.

A rich combination of chocolate, espresso coffee & creamy latte milk. Remember, this is a coffee drink flavored with chocolate and not a chocolate drink flavored with coffee. Not too sweet… just like a lovely rich dark cocoa!


A rich creamy chocolate, made with 40% cocoa from the Dominican Republic… You won’t find marsh mallows or squirty cream here… but for those with a sweeter tooth – this is divine!

Jika Jika serving the best coffee in Bath.
Tel: 01225 429 903 : 4a Princes Buildings, George Street, Bath, BA1 2ED
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