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Peter Engblom
Creator of the legend of Jika Jika
Peter Engblom studied photography at the Bavarian State Institute in Munich. His ancestors established a Norwegian mission outpost in Zululand at the turn of the last century. A sugar farmer and yacht broker, he has spent over a decade photographing traditional rituals and ceremonies in Zululand. Peter has produced audiovisual experiences for clients such as Itala Bank, Lever Brothers, CI Caravans, Ilanga Newspaper, KwaZulu Monuments Council and the Local History Museums in Durban. He designed the Bensusan Museum of Photography in Johannesburg and the Portnet Visitor Centre in Durban. He is presently lecturing photography at the Natal Technikon's Fine Art Department. He has created the concept and history of Mpunzi Shezi, the first Zulu missionary to the Japanese - he took Ubuntu to the Buddhists and brought Zen back to the Zulus. He describes his work as 'the Celestine Prophecy meets Mad Magazine". He also designed the suitcases for Big Brother. He is a trained sangoma.


About Us

Jika Jika is a new Coffee House & Canteen in the centre of the historic city of Bath.

Jika Jika is the brainchild of Bath, England and British Lions rugby legends - Lee Mears and Matt Stevens. Together they have created this business out of a love for coffee and an acknowledgement of the need for a truly amazing cup in the city of Bath.

Open 7 days per week, we are driven by a fundamental passion for great coffee served up by our professional baristas.

Combined with an amazing array of loose-leaf teas and a simple fresh and locally sourced food menu, we hope that Jika Jika will feel like your home away from home and that you enjoy some of the fabulous produce we have on offer for you.

We've taken a great deal of time researching, tasting and adapting everything you see on the menu at Jika Jika, with one absolutely fundamental requirement in mind at all times: quality. If it's not good enough - it won't make it onto our list so what you're experiencing here are what we believe to be the very best examples of their kind.

We have tried to create a comfortable haven for our customers combining creature comforts with cutting edge design and artwork. Offering free wireless Internet, daily newspapers and magazine subscriptions relating to a variety of topics, interests & hobbies, we will also have a small library of books for customers to read in store supplied by Mr B's bookstore (independent bookstore of the year) incorporating a Jika Jika reading list and book cycle facility.

We also offer a rentable space in our glass-atrium dining room for dedicated private meetings or parties so why not use us to host your event?

Come and see us, introduce yourself, become a member and tell us what you think... we look forward to meeting you all!

Jika Jika serving the best coffee in Bath.
Tel: 01225 429 903 : 4a Princes Buildings, George Street, Bath, BA1 2ED
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